Option to Disable VR

I was wondering if there is an option that would allow the disabling VR button.
I just could not find it.

There is not such option in the editor, but you can do it by placing the following body-end.html file in your scene folder: Disable VR mode in Shapespark · GitHub

Thank you, Jan!
Very easy solution. Exactly what I needed.

Hi, I put that body-end.html in my project folder, but vr button still is one phone version.
I put this in the documents Shapespark my project folder and re-upload the scene.

We have switched from WebVR to WebXR API, and body-end.html file linked by Jan no longer works.

Would it be enough for you to turn off the VR mode only on mobile devices? We have a dedicated setting for it. See this body-end.html file: body-end.html · GitHub

Okay, thank you, now it turn off.