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Pointer for Teleporting

Hi. Is it possible to hide the white point (marker) which shows the teleport/eye target in VR?

You can disable the teleport and the white point with #nogazeteleport hash. Is this sufficient or do you need to keep the teleport working?

I think it would be good to have the choice :wink:
So there is another hashtag?

And can you explain where to put it? Thank you.

You need to append it to the URL like:
if you use multiple hashes, connect them with &:

Thank you Jan. I will test it. Do you have an overview of available hashtags?

The list of hashtags will be very useful :+1:t3::ok_hand:t3:

Here there are:

  • autoplay - loads a scene immediately without showing the play buttton
  • help - automatically shows the help menu when a scene starts to load.
  • vrhi - when using Google Cardboard for VR, increases render target resolution, which improves quality but requires higher end mobile device.
  • vrlo - when using Google Cardboard for VR, decreases render target resolution, which decreases quality but improves performance.
  • mobile - allows to test mobile version of a scene on a desktop computer (reversed mouse, a bit different menu).
  • nogazeteleport - disables gaze teleport in VR.
  • nogamepadteleport - disables gamepad teleport. Some gamepads can be configured to simulate keyboard events, if this hash is present, such a gamepad can be used for walking instead of teleporting.
  • mobilehi - forces mirror light probes generation on mobile devices. Mirror light probes used for mirror-like reflections are off by default on mobile devices to limit the memory usage.
  • flipmouse - changes the mouse to rotate the scene instead of the camera in the Walk view mode.

For debugging:

  • log - writes some debug logs to JavaScript console (F12)
  • debugbuffers - shows which objects were detected to be copies of other objects (such copies reduce scene download size).

(EDIT 24.02.2019: added mobliehi and flipmouse description to this list)
(EDIT 25.03.2019: added help description to this list)


Thank you @jan!
Is it also possible to increase/decrease the time before gaze teleporting starts?

Thanks @jan I appreciate that list. :+1:t2::ok_hand:t2:

No, changing the time is not possible. I’m thinking if we shouldn’t have a config file for such kind of settings, so advanced users can tweak them, but the editor UI doesn’t become cluttered.

I think this is a good idea and will be very helpful!

or maybe have an advanced options panel, seperated into sub categories like controls, performance, etc?

Not having to dig around in config files is a great plus for shapespark vs unreal in my opinion. I remember the time I had to configure unreal to automatically adopt the system resolution on launch, was a nightmare, particularly as a noob.

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these options should be on a shapespark menu.

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Hi @jan,

I’m trying to understand instances with #debugbuffers

Each part of the radiator is an instance in MAX.
What’s the problem?
Everything should be green, right?

The shared geometry detection is not based on the instances information from a 3D modeling program, it is based on comparing the meshes geometry. Due to floating point inaccuracies, this comparison does not always work. Also transformations, such as scaling or mirroring will cause the geometries to differ and instances to be not detected. In you case, does the Shapespark editor still see each radiator part as a separate object? It is also possible that these parts were for some reason merged during the export.

They are all in groups, transfer via FBX.

Why this hashtaglist is not in help :slight_smile: ?