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Problem with Light Bake on Internet Explorer Browser


I recently played my scene on Internet Explorer to check it’s speed. I was surprised to see that the light bake and Video Material Texture failed to work properly.

My scene is uploaded on :

We use the alpha channel of lightmap PNG files to extend the range of the stored light intensity. Internet Explorer introduces inaccuracies while loading PNG files containing alpha (technically, it always premultiplies RGB channels by the alpha channel, and this behavior cannot be turned off). For regular images, which use alpha for opacity, it’s harmless. However, in case of our lightmaps, which use alpha for another purpose, this causes visible artifacts - the stronger the light is, the more visible the artifacts are. This doesn’t apply to Edge - Internet Explorer’s successor.

If you decrease the strength of the marked light sources, the artifacts should disappear.

As for the video texture, Internet Explorer does not support video as a texture source for WebGL (but Edge - its successor - does).