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Problem with mapping after baking


I have the problem that after baking the texture of my model is triangulated. I have no clue why. It didn’t happen before.



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Does the skin material have texture? If not, then it looks like lightmap for the head consists of multiple disjoint islands causing visible seams. Could it be that the head geometry is not smoothed (adjacent polygons do not share vertices)? This could be the reason for tiny lightmap islands.

It has a texture and the head is smoothed.

Could you share a link to the scene for analysis? We don’t need the whole scene, the head enclosed in a box with some light will be sufficient.

You want the max model or the Shapespark scene?

The 3ds Max model is preferred.

I send you a PM with the link.

Thanks, it turned out the geometry is smoothed, but the adjacent triangles don’t share vertices (each triangle has its own vertices), which means each triangle becomes a separate island in the lightmap, making denoising inefficient. Try welding the vertices.

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Hi. I tried to meld all vertices, but the result is, unfortunately, the same. Any other idea?

I made a preview render, where the head still looks fine. So it seems something is happening in the baking process. Do you have any idea what the reason can be?

For preview the fact that vertices are duplicated instead of shared doesn’t impact the result. Could you double check that you have welded the vertices in 3ds Max?

After I welded the head, but not the mask I got the following baking result:

You can see polygons in the mask, but no longer in the head.

When I render the head alone it works fine. But with the full scene, I have a problem with these two maps. That’s weird. Any suggestions?