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Purge unused assets

Hello there, has anybody come across a way to purge unused textures (bitmaps, mp4) of any shapespark scene? I have found many video textures inside my shapespark scene project folders that are no langer in used, though they are still there uploading to the cloud.

When you upload or bundle a scene the process automatically removes unused textures, but you are right, due to some omission the video texture folder is not cleaned in this way. We will work on a fix for this. This problem affects a local folder size, the unused videos will not be uploaded or downloaded by the browser.

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It seems to clear the video textures after a while…I was just working on this scene and found out that after several saves/uploads the unused video textures were gone.
Great then!


We have added a video directory cleanup in the latest update.

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Hi @jan yeah I noticed it in the change log! thanks a lot.