Render Stats for Baking

Whenever I render, I like to see my statistics so my future bakes can be optimised. My bakes can be up to 4 hours. Is there an output or log (or even better a GUI) that shows:
Bake time: Total.
Calculation time per object (to fix those pesky blowouts) (or just the top 10)
List of settings used for that bake. (bounces, samples res all that stuff).


From this information only the total bake time is available when you mouse over the finished bake job in the Bake tab.

When you mouse over a running bake job it shows an estimated time to finish the bake of the current lightmap. This estimation doesn’t include post-processing time and, for scenes that need more than one lightmap, it also doesn’t include the time to bake all of these lightmaps, only the currently baked one.

Yes, but that information is not logged and only remains while the application is live. It is disappears if the app closes or crashes. I’m asking if there is a way to record this data, and expose data to those wishing to improve their scenes.

You can find some time related information in a log file that is located in C:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\AppData\Local\Shapespark\log\server.log

You can open the file in any text editor and search for lines with Baking time and Denosing time, the most recent bake is the last one in this file:

[2018-09-12 12:28:08,673] INFO: bake output: [Info] Baking time: 0.171s
[2018-09-12 12:28:10,339] INFO: bake output: [Info] Denoising time: 1.607