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Replacing material with triggers


I am testing the new possibilities with the triggers. I have a video wall and three triggers. I want the first trigger to start a video, the second to replace the current video with another material (video), and the same function for the third trigger. So I have a video wall, three triggers, and three materials on one surface. But unfortunately, this is not working.

  • The first trigger starts the video, that’s fine.
  • The second gives the option to replace the first one but showing the spheres of material 1 and 2. But actually I want the material to be replaced immediately.
  • The third trigger is doing nothing because I guess he is not able to replace the first material because this has already be replaced.

Is this somehow understandable?
Here is a video:

There are two problems: the material picker always shows the materials to select, it doesn’t have a mode where it applies the user selection immediately. The video control controls a video texture in one selected material. If you replace this material, the video control won’t control to the new material.

I wonder if you could build this interaction with Change view extension. You would need three separate video walls with different video textures at the exact same location. Change view extension will show only one of these walls when clicked (it has an option not to change the camera location, just apply visibility setting, also views now have an option to be hidden from the menu).

I wonder if it is possible to start more than one event with one trigger at the same time someday? I understand the problems but I thought it would be nice to use triggers for replacing materials.

Yes that’s of course possible. I didn’t realize the views can be hidden from the menu. Perfect!

We could add another version of the material picker, or add a flag ‘toggle’ to the existing picker, if the flag is set, the user won’t be asked to make a selection but materials will be switched in circle.

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But the user will not know what are the alternatives and cannot select. This is not what I am looking after. At least not for the need I have at the moment. But you never know what will be next week. Maybe we will need exactly this functionality. :slightly_smiling_face: