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Replacing object extension

Hey there, Im new to Shapespark, Im wondering if there is a way to have an “object picker” just as the material picker, to replace objects. For example to types of chairs that i want my client to look and choose between these two

If you export all the object alternatives from your 3D modeling tool to Shapespark, you will be able to use the Switch objects extension to cycle through the alternatives by clicking the extension trigger.

For the alternatives not to cast shadow one on each other, you will have to enable the Isolate shadows option for each alternative. The downside is they won’t cast shadows on the surrounding, either, so they may stand out from the surrounding a bit.

The presentation in the “How it works” area of our demo tour: is based on the Switch objects extension.

Another approach is to use the Custom hide in views option to make all the alternatives hidden but one in a certain view:

Thkns i just saw that extension. I was wondering if there is a way the client can have a preview of the object, like they do when changing materials. The shadow casting is not an issue, i want the client to first see the interior empty and then add the objects

Neither or the two approaches: Switch objects, Custom hide in views offer object preview. For the preview you would have to build your custom HTML & JavaScript based object picker displaying the object images to the user.

@nicole_andrade Or maybe like in shapespark demo that Magda did, you could have parented & nested plane objects with image textures of the furniture, with triggers that change the furniture?

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