Roadmap Sugestion

Is it possible to implement switching from the camera image (in the lower left corner) to the image of who is speaking at the moment?

Possibility to load texture files via an external database in webrender real-time.

User type Host for meeting. He may have different powers than other user types, such as:

  • triggering hidden triggers with features such as screen sharing, or changing materials/textures, for example.
  • Organize the arrangement of the other avatars in the space in grid formats like in a class in a classroom, in a square, or in a circle or U-shape.
  • The formations could also follow a schedule based on the views chosen in advance for this.
  • The host could have the power to move any of the avatars freely, this could help many users who are unfamiliar with keyboard or touchscreen navigation.

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Meeting link that is not reusable. Currently anyone who enters a meeting with the link we provide can return in the same environment whenever they want and this generates meeting usage minutes charges.

One more suggestion.

At the meeting, the possibility of showing the camera images in a layout of at least 4 people at a time, alternating to those 4 last people who spoke.

Not sure if you are aware of this, but you can deleted your active meetings at the ‘Meeting’ tab at, after a meeting is deleted it is not possible to join it again.

Is there a javascript code to show other users of the videoconference in a floating modal window?

No, there are no API functions related to the meetings.