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Search any object or search bar


I am working on some virtual store. I need urgent help, i want to search any object in final walkthrough. ex chair or table i have 200+ diffrent object, its really hard search if any one want to see one particular product. Search bar and ability to search object can solve my problem please help.


Please reply where is support?

Shapespark doesn’t have such functions. You could build your own UI to support such searching, for example store a list of search-able objects and camera locations in your code, and user Shapespark’s switchToView function to move the camera to a location of the object that the user selected. We are unable to help implementing such custom UIs within Shapespark support.

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Hello Thanks for reply as i am not good in coding. can you share some sample ?

Sample with best in search object

waiting for reply.


Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any existing scene that has such a custom function.