Self Hosting and WebVR Settings

We have received several scenes for hosting, but cannot get them to perform properly in VR mode. The scene reacts to teleporting, but not to moving left/right, up/down.

They work fine on Samsung Gear and Oculus, but not with Cardboard/WebVR

Really not sure if it’s the package we have received, or that the server settings need an adjustment, so looking for any help.

Here is one of the scenes: seems to work on Android, but not on Apple

@Calypsic, as you’ve already found out, the scene has to be accessed with the HTTPS protocol for the VR mode to work in Chrome on Android (it also applies to the Oculus Quest web browser).

What do you mean that it doesn’t work on Apple? Does the VR mode not work at all, or do you refer to orientation tracking not working? What device are you testing it on?

@wojtek - thanks for the response

testing on iPhone 11, VR mode does initiate, but the view is tilted, and does not react to moving the phone/headset around (so I suppose that is the orientation tracking not working…forgive me, newbie at this)


It looks that the Shapespark viewer cannot access motion and orientation data required in the VR mode. On iOS a website has to ask the user for permission to access this data. Is it possible that the first time you opened a scene you saw a permission pop-up and dismissed it?

Could you go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data > Edit and look for your self-hosting domain? Remove it and try to open your scene again. You can repeat this process for the domain if you also open scenes from our hosting.

Thanks - have tested several places, including

It seems to be working well with ios 13.3.1, but not ios 13.4.1. This seems to be the case with all scenes.

Could you give us a link to a scene that works in ios 13.4.1 (VR Mode)?

@Calypsic, thanks for the report.

This turns out to be a bug in the Safari browser on iOS 13.4: data about device motion is not delivered to the website.

We’ll incorporate a workaround to use device orientation data only in such a case.

Wojtek…you may want to check Chrome on ios as well, as i received a report that it was the same issue there


You are right, Chrome on iOS 13.4 suffers from the same issue, so the workaround should fix the VR mode both in Safari and Chrome.

We’ve released a new version of the viewer with the workaround, so the VR mode works with iOS 13.4 now.

Great, thanks!

If we have a self hosting package, do we need to request a new set of files? or just files for the viewer?

How should we proceed?


For self-hosting the workaround will be available in the next Shapespark release. It will require rebundling and reuploading a scene to your own hosting.