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Shapespark live streamed show

Hi everyone! I’ve been entangled in the physical world for a while but just got some funding for a 3D live show platform and thought I’d give the ‘Live Stream’ extension a serious go.

So, the plan is to film an artist & stream them here: Kaikuja Marssista
Then I’d sure like to have the audience there as well so this would be a ‘meeting’ with avatars.

Has anyone tried something like this yet? Any pointers? I’d figure having multiple mics on at the same time while listening to the show is going to be a problem. Moderating tools would then really come in handy. Or at least the ability to silence the mics of the crowd while the show is on. The discussion would be through our chat function while the mics are silent.

Unfortunately, we don’t see a way to configure such no-mics meeting :frowning: