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Solution to control interior and exterior illumination of a scene


A few months ago it was discussed here if there is a solution to control the illumination of a mixed interior/exterior scene. Is there any progress in the development of such a solution?
I am just curious…

We worked on auto exposure option in April, but we didn’t manage to achieve satisfying results and had to postpone this work. The solution that we had wasn’t stable enough, in some cases it made the scene too dark in some too bright. We would like to return to this work though.

Maybe you could implement something like postprocess volume used in Unreal Engine to control exposure? I am not a fan of autoexposure as it often leads to over and under exposed areas. You could just have volumes encompassing different areas and applying different exposure settings to them. What do you think?

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After the auto exposure experiments I agree that such volumes are more robust solution. The only drawback is that they require more work from the scene author and more sophisticated UI in the editor. Auto exposure would be just a single check-box in the Camera settings.

That is right but in general I think that autoexposure introduces some inevitable problems. In general I like to control the exposure of parts of the scene just by manipulating lighting. That way you can decide where should be darker and where lighter - autoexposure could ruin that. Exposure volumes would allow this workflow but you could still have properly exposed exterior and interior lit mostly by sunlight.