Some obects are rendering some are blacked out

Its weird, ive saved in all formats but get the same results. the posters i have on the walls. when i start in edit mode the posters are just gone but if i do a bake preview the shape is there but no image just a black fog looking thing. i made the model in rhino and i just cant fihured why just these are different. any ideas?


It’s hard to say why those posters are black without investigating the scene. Can you share the scene with us? You could send us (to support or by private message on the forum) whole zipped scene or a link, if you uploaded it to the cloud.

It’s possible that this problem is caused by wrong face orientation. You would have to fix those faces in your 3D program: Help: Some faces of a 3D model are not visible in Shapespark

A quick fix would be to mark the materials of posters as double-sided: