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Some suggestions

Hello guys,

I have been using the software for a few days and I have some suggestions for the developers:

  • change RGB 0-1 to RGB 0-255 which is more common in image editing programs;

  • be able to choose the internal color of the icon and not just the external one;

  • be able to change the color of all icons at the same time;

  • be able to upload images to the trigger icons;

  • when using the “object type” trigger, it would be interesting to highlight it when you move the mouse over it or when the camera gets close, so the user knows that it is an interactive object;

  • when hovering over an icon, a text appears to indicate the action of that icon;

  • be able to copy and paste the lights, using the ctrl key + drag the mouse;

  • be able to lock the camera height, for example, at the level of the human eye;

  • be able to choose the position of the html label so that, for example, it can be centered on the screen, instead of always in the upper left.

  • improve the “edit extension” interface to allow modifications of type and color, for example, on the same screen


Thanks for the detailed suggestions!

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