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Static Icons for the extensions

Any chance of adding a static option for the icons? I’d like the client to be able to jump straight to a different shapespark scene without having to walk all the way back to a certain place to click the icon.

Static relevant to the browser I mean, rather than a location in 3d.

Ok, we will think about it. What you could do now for your use case is a simple website with an iframe and a few buttons programmed in JavaScript to switch the iframe URL between different visualizations. I can imagine the buttons can be next to the iframe or in an overlay over the iframe. What do you think?

Thanks Wojtek.

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s a good solution for desktop, but my client is hoping to be able to jump between various scenes in VR. For now i’ll place duplicate “open website” extensions around the scene, so that they’re never too far away from one.