Text Labels in shapespark 1.11.1

Hi Jan and Woj,
Its been long I posted anything in the Shapespark Forum. Hope you guys are doing great!
Our client requested for text labels and some of the medical names are too big to be added in the “15 letter” limit. You can see in the markings that the text is getting cropped.
Can you please me if there’s any way to fix this?
Thank in advance.

We will increase the sprite text length limit in the next viewer update. It will be available for scenes on our hosting when the update is rolled out, and for scene bundles in the next release of the desktop application.

One of the reasons behind the scene limit is reducing intersection between scene objects and a sprite being rotated to always face the camera.

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It would also be great if you could improve the position xyz transform as well. User should be able to move the sprite text in 0.1 or 0.001 if needed. Right now we can’t position the sprite exactly where we want it to be.
When can we expect the next update and is it going to work on the license we are using?

Do I understand correctly that the 1cm sprite position position isn’t sufficient for your needs and you have scenes in which 1mm precision would be more appropriate?

What kind of license do you have? For subscription, it will be work with any of the plans. If you have the perpetual license, it will work only if you have active software updates, hosting and support.

We plan to release Shapespark 2.4.0 next week.

Hello Wojtek,

How can we get text label will back line pointer shown in attachment.


There is no such feature in Shapespark. The lines must have been imported as 3D objects from the 3D modeling tool.

Thanks for reply adding these can make big Leap.