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To Deactivate Account

Hi, just want to ask if I can just deactivate my account for few months ? In the deactivate period still need to pay the monthly subscription fee ?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time, and re-subscribe when you want to use Shapespark again. Cancellation doesn’t have an immediate effect - your plan is working until the end of the period you’ve already paid for, but then it’s not auto renewed.

If I cancel my subscription is it mean that all my files will be missing ? How should I download all my files for backup ?

The scenes won’t be removed, they will become unavailable online only.

Anyway, you can backup your scenes using the Download button in the scene list at

backup with all my uploaded files ? This cloud system need to subcribe it ?

Yes, you need active Shapespark subscription to be able to download the scenes to the Shapespark desktop application on your computer. After you download them, they will be stored in the Documents\Shapespark directory, even after you cancel your subscription (however you will need to re-subscribe to open them in the future).