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Trying to upload a saved scene


I have a scene saved in my documents library. It is an old scene that I deleted from the shapespark ‘scenes’ window. How do i reload this file into the ‘scenes’ window? I have tried the reload button in the window tab. It didn’t work.

The list of scenes in the main window of the desktop application is based on the scene folders in Documents\Shapespark. When you remove a scene in the main window, the application removes the scene folder from Documents\Shapespark. So, it seems the old scene is unfortunately no longer on your hard drive.

Have you uploaded this scene to the hosting before you removed it?

Ok Wojtek,

I had previously uploaded but because I am on the basic package I have only 3 spaces there. I removed it hoping that I could re-upload it later.

At least I know that is not possible now.