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Upload example scene to the server

Hello, I would like to upgrade my account from Starter to Plus but before that I decided to upload your test scene to the server to test how it works. In result I get encrypted text.
The server I am using is, Businnes (Linux) which runs on Apache.
I looked through all the topics but still couldnt find sollution.

What i did is:

  1. Uploaded your zip file to the ftp public_html folder. (I used both methods: a.Uploaded zip to ftp and extracted it. b. Extracted on desktop and uploaded using FileZilla in binary mode)
  2. In browser I navigated to the index.html file and the scene loaded with encrypted text.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

Hello, could you share a link to the uploaded scene so we can check what is causing this?

You are welcome.

The HTTP headers indicate that this is nginx server. The resources are compressed twice which causes the failure. Are you able to configure the nginx to use .nginx-location.conf config file from the bundle? It should disable double compression.

Being honest I have no idea how to configure .nginx-location.conf file. I looked through all related topics and used this config file ( but problem still exists.

This is IIS server config file, it won’t work for nginx. Do you know if your provider allows to use custom nginx config?

“Since you are on the shared server at the moment you do not have administrator access to make changes on the nginx config.You should be able to make changes on that matter on the VPS and cloud servers. Since they have fool root access” - that is what I was told by my provider) Looks like I have to change the server

You can also embed a visualization hosted on the Shapespark hosting in a website hosted on your server using HTML iframe. In a future Shapespark hosting will also support custom domains, so you will be able to use your subdomain, for example, to access scenes hosted on Shapespark hosting.

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