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VR Headset ( For Phone and PC )

Hello .
I like Shapespark in my job . And now I am looking for VR Headset for my products .
Please tell me know what kind of VR headset can be used to view my Shapespark products.
Thank you .

Hi @Mr_i8studio, I’m using shapespark in my architect every day work and I sell VR services to my colleagues too.

My equipment is based on windows mixed reality and I have a Samsung odyssey headset (best resolution two years ago) also have a sheap cardboard type head set that I don’t use anymore because it is too little to my phone Huawei Mate 20 pro. You have many cardboard type VR headset options in Amazon, be careful with supported phones.
I prefer Android from iOS because VR environments already settings in Android not always in iOS.

With windows mixed reality and Samsung Odyssey in my Acer Aspire (Core i7-8750. Nvidia GTX1060) I always have very good esperiences showing shapespark scenes. Some minor issues related with this technology mix but no worries.

I have a plan to buy a new headsets this year and I already studied the Oculus Quest for a simple reason, is wireless! but I read about pour resolution and some issues whit big files, so I’m not decided yet.

I hope this info help you in some way! :smiley:


Hi @jorgearq.

Thank you for answering my questions. It is very helpful to me now. Please tell me , do you can move in VR Headset?

Hi @jorgearq,
Is it possible to use VR headphones for people with a diopter of +2.5 (like me)?
When my mobile is close to my eyes, the image is blurry for me (with and without glasses :nerd_face:)

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You can move around!
This is exactly the wow effect, when you move your head everything around you in the scene changes its perspective. The limitation is the connection cable between the headphones and the PC. Many times I need to stop my customers because they simply lost the real world and started walking around!
Another great feature is when you move your head up or down to take a closer look, for example, to see things on a coffee table or some interesting detail

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Unfortunately @Vladan that’s not possible with my Headsets, with some newer models that’s possible but the Samsung Odyssey doesn’t have space for glasses, only if you have contacts. The lenses have the possibility to adjust the intraocular distance only, the focus is not adjustable.

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@Mr_i8studio Personally I would look to either of the Oculus Headsets Quest or Rift S or one of the Vive Headsets (Vive or Vive Pro) (Perhaps Vive Cosmos, but I have no experience with this one)

Depending on your scene complexity the Quest is a great experience as it is a stand alone headset, with a good screen resolution and easy set up. (I would recommend forcing the scene to load in High Quality as it is classed as a mobile device so the browser will push lesser resolution elements from the scene)

In my opinion the development of headsets has come on so much that the mobile accessory viewers such as Google Cardboard or even a lesser stand alone headsets like the Oculus Go, just don’t cut a professional experience any more.

There are other PC driven choices such as the Valve Index or the Vario, but their pricing is pro-sumer. (Again I have not tested these with Shapespark)

Currently on our Shapespark and UE4 experiences we use either the Quest or Rift S as they are solid performers, do not require external tracking and are only £400. (Albeit the Rift S requires a a good spec PC to run it from)

My recommendation pretty much would be a Quest.

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Just to add as is shown in @jorgearq image a tethered headset allows for you to see on the laptop screen where the VR user is in the scene. Whilst this is technically possible by streaming from a Quest to a phone or Google Chromecast, we have had limited success using these methods.

ps @jorgearq the Quest Resolution is really good. Sure there are VR geeks who will have an opinion on the specs and compare to other tethered experiences, but we have found the quest comparable to the Vive Pro and Rift S in terms of quality and for a casual or new VR user I would suspect they would be absolutely blown away by it.

@Vladan Ref Glasses & VR Headsets it really depends on the physical size of your glasses. In our experience the Vive Pro and Rift S have the most space and adjustment for Glasses with the Quest & Vive less so although the IPD adjustment on Quest is simpler, (This may be part of the blurry issue you have)


Thanks so much ! I am trying my Rift S for Shapespark but it does not show results now, I cannot move in it and interactively change the material.

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Thank you for the support
I am trying with Rift S . I hope to inform you the good news

Could anybody show a recent (and decent) video showing how does it work shapespark with virtual headsets? The experience, the configuration, please? :slightly_smiling_face: