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VR source does not appear when uploaded


I have a question about this.

When I put the VR source into HTML in Shapespark’s 3D scene before uploading, it works well as the image below.

However, when I uploaded my scene, it does not appear as the image below.

Could anyone help me with this?

the source is this :

All linked resources need to use HTTPS protocol to work after upload (your source uses HTTP protocol). For security reasons browsers don’t allow a site loaded with encrypted HTTPS protocol to load any external resources via unencrypted HTTP protocol.

@jan thank you very much for your answer.

Do you personally think that there is a way to display it by any method?

Or there is no other way to do it?

Is is controlled by you? In such case enabling https for it would be the best solution.

@jan, thank you for your suggestion. is not controlled by myself. So I asked them to enable https but they don’t know how to do it and don’t even know if that is possible.

So I am in a trouble right now.

They can give me the original source for VR object, do you think that I can do something with java script in order to display it on my 3d Scene for Shapespark?

For example in this link, they explained something related to the issue.

Also some example is as below (VR object source embedding in https).

I think krpano is just a set of static files, so if you had these files, you could serve them from any server that supports https.

If they are willing to invest time into some configuration work, can be the easiest way for them to enable HTTPS without moving to other hosting provider (a free plan should be sufficient for this):

@jan, Thank you for the tips.

You are indeed a very supportive person! Your answers and a helpful attitude was very helpful.

For now I am looking for someone who can deal with this task.

If anyone see this, I am willing to pay $300 for this task if anyone could solve this issue.

The task is: To embed VR object resource in the picture above into Shapespark 3d scene through ‘html’ in the viewer extention. (I will provide all the necessary sources as much as possible)
*the server won’t be able to enable https. So it should be done by js. as this guideline:

Please send me an email:

Best regards,