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What Render engine


I think the interior render look wery nice. Does someone know, what render engine Shapespark uses?

@Helborg Shapespark uses Cycles Render Engine. If you have Shapespark app and if you go to help–> about, you’ll find it in detail.


Hmm Shapespark App…? I have it installet on my PC, pun can’t find any about this…!

You can find it in the top menu of the Shapespark main window.

Crucial part in the baking process is also denoising of the Cycles render but I don’t know what technology is involved. Is it based on any existing library or is it your own code @jan?

Denosing is our custom code.

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Can’t see anything “about”

on the help page reached from the top menu on Shapespark main window…

Check it here, insight the software:

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Oh thanks. Was looking the wrong places :slight_smile: