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What's your preferred Modeling software with ShapeSpark?

We’ve been using Maya for our modeling but are finding the process to take a little to long when taking into account exporting, importing and setting up the model again.

I know Maya is on the list of approved applications but I’m curious if Sketchup is a better choice for modeling with ShapeSpark being the ultimate goal. Is the model more basic in Sketchup allowing the light to be calculated easier?

Any thoughts?

You should keep in mind that models in Sketchup usually have a lower level of detail, as working with large textures and detailed models in Sketchup can quickly become problematic due to the lower graphical performance. Also it is not so comfortable to create UVW mappings, but with additional extensions (plugins) it is possible.

But with Sketchup you are faster in building scenes and the export of textures is more reliable than with FBX export. Fewer polygons also speed up light baking.

So it’s a question of what you want to achieve in the end. A better quality or a faster editing and presentation of your object.