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왜 이 두개의 밝기가 달라 보일까요? Why do the two brightness look different?

왼쪽이 이전 버전이고 오른쪽이 최신버전입니다.
둘의 차이는 Bake설정의 차이일 뿐이죠. 왼쪽은 Draft로 설정한 결과이고, 오른쪽은 High로 설정한 결과입니다.
저는 Bake 설정 외에는 아무것도 건드리지 않았습니다.
The left is the previous version and the right is the latest version.
The difference between the two is the Bake settings. The left is the result of setting Draft, and the right is the result of setting it to High.
I didn’t touch anything other than the Bake settings.

저는 Bake 설정 품질이 높아질수록 화질이 좋은 결과물을 만든다고 생각합니다.
가령 벽에 있는 얼룩들을 보면, 왼쪽은 얼룩이 희미하게 보이는 반면에 오른쪽은 얼룩이 거의 없이 깨끗합니다.
I think the higher the quality of the Bake settings, the better the quality results.
If you look at the stains on the wall, for example, the left side has faint stains, while the right side is clean with few stains.

그런데, 밝기는 너무 밝아진 것처럼 보입니다.
제가 의도한 것은 밝기를 그대로, 얼룩만 없어지게 하는 것인데, 조명 설정값이 같음에도 불구하고 밝기 차이가 너무 심하게 난다고 생각합니다.
By the way, the brightness seems too bright.
My intention is to keep the brightness as it is and to remove the speckles, but I think the difference in brightness is too big even though the lighting settings are the same.

왜 이 두개의 밝기가 이렇게 심하게 나는 것처럼 보이는 걸까요? 조명은 건드리지도 않았는데 말이죠.
그 이유가 궁금합니다.
그리고 조명값이 변하지 않고 화질만 개선되게 할 수 있는(그러니까…잔얼룩들만 사라지게 할 수 있는) 방법이 궁금합니다.
Why does the brightness of these two seem so intense? I didn’t even touch the light.
I wonder why.
And I’m curious as to how to make the lighting value only improve the quality without changing the lighting value (that is…the only way to make the small spots disappear).

조명은 실시간으로 확인할 수 없나요?
매번 조명을 변경할 때마다 베이크를 해야해서 시간이 비효율적으로 오래 걸린다고 생각합니다.
In addition!!
Can’t I check the lighting in real time?
I think it takes a long time inefficiently because I have to bake every time I change the lighting.

This is related to the noise in the baked lightmap. The less samples you use for the bake, the more noisy the lightmap is, and the denoiser tend to darken noisy lightmaps a bit. So, even if you’re using the same ligtht settings for the bakes, low number of samples may lead to a bit darker scene.

You can tune the scene brightness after it’s been baked using the Exposure setting in the Camera tab.

To check the scene brightness without baking the scene you can your the Preview button. The preview isn’t denoised so it might differ slightly from the baked result.

So, I rebaked right one to Draft.
But, result is not changed.

I don’t know why.
So, I wonder.

The important thing is that the shadows have been reduced.
I want to keep the shadow alive as well.

중요한 건 그림자가 줄어들었다는 겁니다.
저는 그림자를 똑같이 살리고 싶습니다.

For good quality bakes, preserving lighting details, it’s best to bake using high number of Samples. So, could you try baking the scene using the High quality setting, and then tune the scene brightness using the Exposure setting in theCamera tab?

It’s too long time, and I did. but…

I tried. But it didn’t work.

Help me. Please.

The important this is that I must keep shadow like left.
But some error make me fail.
I tried either Draft and High, but that’s not working.

Could you re-check that you haven’t changed any lighting settings since you baked the image on the left.

In particular, the walls on the right looks like they are emitting light. Perhaps you are using the Emissive property for the wall material?

Yes. Emissive.
그렇습니다. 이미시브.
Is this problem?!
그게 문제인가요?

I wonder that, because I made same mistake again.
전 똑같은 실수를 또 했기때문에 그게 궁금해졌습니다.
Before baking, I copied my scene.
베이킹을 하기 전에 전 저의 씬을 복사했죠.
And I baked both, but the one is baked before to check emissive, and the other one is emissived(Meaning “I checked Emossive.”) after baking.
그리고 그 두개를 다 베이크했는데, 하나는 베이크를 하기 전에 이미시브를 체크했고, 다른 하나는 베이크를 한 다음에 이미시브를 체크했습니다.

and that made difference.
그리고 그건 차이를 만들어냈죠.

So, is this a problem with checking emissive before baking?
그래서, 베이킹을 하기 전에 이미시브를 먼저 한 것이 문제인 건가요?

The Emissive setting works twofold:

  • It makes the material emit light during the baking, so adds scene illumination.
  • It increases the brightness of the material to give it a look of a shining surface.

So, if you turned on the Emissive property before the baking for the walls material, the walls would emit light during the baking, and the baked scene would became brighter overall.

If you turned the Emissive property on after the baking, the walls would become brighter, with less contrast.