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Yaw and pitch an object 🤔 (or just turn itself)

No soy programador pero me pregunto: si nosotros podemos indicarle a un objeto que rote y gire siempre frente al espectador podríamos hacer que un objeto rote y gire independientemente? :thinking: Al menos que gire lentamente para mostrarse como flotando en el espacio? Eso es posible?

I’m not a programmer but I wonder: if we can tell an object to yaw and pitch always in front of the viewer, could we make an object yaw and pitch independently? :thinking: At least rotate slowly to show itself as floating in space? Is that possible?

Without the need for programming, if you align the object with the Y axis in the 3D modeling program, you can use Y to camera option in the objects tab to configure the object to rotate towards the camera:

Hola @jan, me refiero a si podemos hacer lo que se muestra en este video

Hi @jan, I mean if we can do what is shown in this video