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My name is Dustin G / CEO of a Global VR Marketing Firm.

We have a global sales team who sells VR Marketing Solutions to our clients and have just started to offer ShapeSpark products to our Home Builders. We have retained the services of one provider who is proficient and aggressively priced due to his country of origin. He can not keep up with demand which is why we are looking to add an additional relationship(s).

Interested in meeting several others who are proficient, priced right and would have the ability to scale with our company as we grow. Please reply here if you are looking for a new client. Our team consists of 72 sales representatives (3/4 in the U.S.) who do not create ShapeSpark imagery, but market these products to their wide range of clients. Many of our clients are mid-large size New Home Builders who are interested in Pre-Selling Residential and Commercial Real Estate Before they Break Ground.