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2 luxury apartments + 1 two storey penthouse

Hi everyone.

This is my latest job: a front sea building with 3 units of apartments for sale.

This is the standard one:

This is a special unit (with a private pool):

And the 2 storey penthouse:

Hope you like it!


Really nice. I can imagine living in space like this, with a view to the beach. Where are the apartments located?

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Thanks, @tim.

They are located in Brazil, in a small seaside town, 200km (120 miles) away from me.

are you an architect…?

No, just a 3D artist :slight_smile:

Very nice rendering…
i am trying for such kind of lighting but not able to get …

Hi @Solana_Design_Studio.


What I usualy do is: set the sun position and make a render preview to see how it looks like. Then I set the lights, make another preview and I place some camera volumes if needed.