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2D mini map problem

Hello, I am glad that the new version of shapespark has added the mini map function, I have a question, my space has two floors, but the mini map can only show one floor, when I go up to the second floor it is still the mini map of the first floor, can I update the 2Dmini map in real time after I go upstairs?

Hey @haruhime !

We will release multiple floorplans functionality soon! We are working on updating and upgrading minimap so you should be able to add second floor in coming weeks.

I’m looking forward to the subsequent updates, cheers!

also, can we change minimap postion?

Hey @Harsh_Sharma , currently there are no settings that will allow to change minimap position.

Could you tell me more what would like to achieve? Would you like to change minimap UI element position on the screen (example: from bottom left corner to top left corner) or is this related to something else?