360º Video Playback In Shapespark

Hello everyone, I would like to know if you can help me, I need to include 360 ​​video in my project so that it can be viewed from the web and from an oculus quest.

I tried to insert a youtube video in 360º but it is not possible, can you advise me another method that works?

Thank you very much !

Do I understand correctly that you’d like to play a 360 video inside a Shapespark scene? Would it be a scene background visible all the time? Or something like a room in the scene, which the visitor can enter to watch the video?

Yes, it would be like a room where the visitor can watch a 360 degree video

OK, so in this case you can create a sphere in the scene, with triangles oriented towards the interior of the sphere, and map the 360 video onto the interior. To export the UV mapping from your 3D tool to Shapespark you have to apply a placeholder texture - you can use one frame taken from your 360 video. After the scene is imported to Shapespark, you can replace the static placeholder texture with your video texture.

Only mono 360 video are supported.