3D MAX model cannot be imported into shapespark

Hi, I need help, exporting 3D MAX models using shapespark plugin will flash back, shapespark import plugin will not import in. :sob:

Progress bar only loads up to 4%

Could you send us a problem report from the “Help & Support” tab of the Shapespark desktop application? We’ll take a look at the exporter logs attached to the report.

Also, could you please translate the error message from the screenshot to English? For us it’d be difficult to translate it based on an image file.


“Export failed.
Process exited with non-zero error status”


Thank you very much for translating the error message. It looks like an error that we’ve already fixed. We plan to release a new version of Shapespark, including the fix, tomorrow. Please retry the export when your Shapespark installation upgrades itself to 2.4.0, and let us know if it helped.