3ds max 2023 exporter

Hi Support,
is the current version of Shapespark compatible with 3ds max 2023? If not, any ETA of the updated exporter?

The current version is not compatible. We are planning to release a new version with a plug-in for 3ds Max 2023 within one month.

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Hi Wojtek, any updates on 3ds max 2023 compatibility?

We are still working on new features that will enter the next Shapespark version, so we need a bit more time to finalize the release. However, if you are interested I can enable delivering beta versions of the application for your account. The latest beta version already contains the exporter plug-in for 3ds Max 2023.

yes please, that would be great, thank you very much!

@Zando, restart the Shapespark desktop application and it should update itself to the beta version including the exporter for 3ds Max 2023.

Hi Wojtek,
thank you for your help, small issue, beta installed correctly but it didn’t register with 3ds max 2023 at all - menu is not visible. Any ideas? Should I move files to max folders manually?
I did few restarts, reinstalled SS as admin and so on…

Could you check if the following sequence of steps make Shapespark appear in your 3ds Max 2023?

  1. Close 3ds Max and Shapespark.
  2. Launch Shapespark.
  3. Launch 3ds Max.

BTW, you can remove Shapespark installed as admin.

Still no luck… Removed shapespark completely and reinstalled couple of times, works fine but no menu in 3ds max 2023…

When you open the Help | About menu item in the Shapespark desktop application, which version does it report?

Shapespark 2.6.0-beta1

Don’t worry about it too much, I got it to show in max by copying plugin files to stdplugs and en-US - all working fine now, thank you!

@Zando, sorry for the confusion. The beta includes the exporter for 3ds Max 2023, but due to a bug it’s not installed automatically. It will be fixed in the final release.

No problem, it’s still a beta release after all - thank you anyway, working fine for me as is:-)!