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3ds max exporter 2021 crashes


I have problems exporting my big scene with the Shapespark Exporter. FBX export is working fine with this scene, but the shapespark exporter is immediately crashing when I am clicking on export. I did not encounter this problem before. Even if I am deleting many objects, same thing is happening.
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I did some further tests. Seems to occur because of one of the materials. I applied one material to the whole scene and than the export was working. Problem is to quickly find the problematic material as there are many materials in the scene… Some had chineses letters in it, but I think I have sorted them all out. Any idea?

Hi Mischa

Thank you for the report, we’re happy to take a look at the issue.
Would you mind sharing the exporter’s log file (either as an email attachment, or a link from some filesharing tool, like e.g. sent to
That’s <LocalAppData>/Shapespark/log/3dsmax-exporter.log file, where <LocalAppData> is most likely just C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Local/ folder.
Alternatively you could share the .max file with us, to take a closer look, as the log file might ultimately not contain all the necessary information to resolve the problem.


Hi Mischa,

Current exporter version crashes when initiating export for a scene with a long file name.
The limit for a Shapespark scene name is 50 characters, and trying to export a scene with the file name longer than that results in a crash.
The fix that will correctly handle such a case by truncating the name will be deployed with next Shapespark release.
In the meantime please rename your file to have a name not longer than 50 characters.


Hi Michal,

thx for your quick response. Renaming the scene was the solution, thx!

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