3ds max to shapespark export failed

im getting this issue for a while now how to fix this?


Could you send us a problem report from the Shapespark application main window ‘Help & Support’ tab.
The report contains program logs that will help us to identify the issue.

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Same here with SketchUp

It looks like a bug in Shapespark, we are investigating it. For now, as a workaround open the scene directory in Documents\Shapespark, remove file called uvs1.buf, and then retry the scene update.

This is fixed in Shapespark 2.8.3 released yesterday.

thanks wojtek. the problem seems to be solved for now. you guys just saved me or should i say ‘us’. one more question, is there any plans on developing shapespark addon for blender ?

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I am sorry, we don’t have short-term plans for a Blender extension.