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A better presentation than Shapespark

Hello Shapespark Team,

I would like to bring to your notice about a demo out on the internet which is way too good.

Link :

The render quality is awesome !
The way the camera moves is awesome !
It works on all devices. I checked it on my mobile phone as well
The interaction with things is flawless
The trees look realistic
The entire environment feels alive
Lightmap file size is very small
Shaders look fantastic

I think Shapespark has all other things, except the quality of render is better in this example. Can we take some learning from this example and bring it to Shapespark users.It will be a great value add to all Shapespark users.

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The quality looks great, thanks for sharing. Any idea how this demo has been created?

Almost certainly with unreal or unity! It is not comparable with Shapespark, they are different platforms