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A few feature requests

I love this software, but a few missing features would be a great addition:

1: Render each light to a seperate lightmap and then add them together in the editor. This will allow the user to change individual light strength and colour on a per light basis without having to re-bake. Collapse to single lightmap on upload/bundle creation. Similar to how corona does it (below) and redshift (light groups)

2: Get reflection parameters and bump map parameters from imported fbx file.

3: maintain light instances from fbx file (or have a naming convention rule), or perhaps convert groups to instances (if fbx instancing doesnt support lights?)

4: Export geometry (including new lightmap uv’s) and materials back to fbx, so that the user can render out light maps externally. I use redshift personally, so the render times would be hugely faster than cycles (particulary as it’s been reprogrammmed to take advantage of the new nvidia RTX hardware raytracing cores :slight_smile:

5: Import lightmaps (so step 4 is useable).

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auto exposure too, or exposure zones would make setting up lighting easier if the scene contains both indoor and outdoor areas, (particularly if you want to light the indoor area with the sky through the windows).

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