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A forest scene as showroom

I would like to share a project with you.

Unfortunately, at our customer’s request, it is not publicly viewable, so there are only a few pictures at this point. Maybe later we will show a video.

The client is one of Europes biggest producers of brushes of all kinds. They are located in the Black Forest in Germany. That’s the reason why they chose a scene that looks like the forest they are getting their wood from.

Custom programming, e.g., for:

  • Click on the signposts takes the user along a defined path through the forest to the target destination
  • Sounds get louder when approaching objects. For example, we have a small stream where you can hear the water lapping louder the closer you go to it
  • Popup on approach. The individual menus of the brushes pop up when you approach within about 1 meter
  • Brush configurator with about 25 different brush combinations and over 50 materials
  • animated moving sky


This is marvellous and so immersive! Not only are you thinking out of the box, you’re thinking out of the whole town! Intrigued by those trees…

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