A walkthrough in to another walkthrougth?

Is it possible to attach a link in a project and that it opens on the same project window??
So i dont have to open links… sounds kind of like inception stuff but the case is that am currently developing my most ambicious shapespark project xD and i was wondering if this could be done??
What i want to do is a complete block that we are ccurently developing… soo… i whant to complete it, upload it to shapespark so my clients can se the “block” and also… ( and heres the question) i whant to add orbs wich countain the links to some houses of the same block that i have already uploaded to shapespark… but… i think that it would be nice if my clients could see those houses without having to open an other link…



Yes, It is possible. You need to set Content of the HTML Label to something like:

       <iframe style="width: 600px; height: 600px; border: none;"
         allowfullscreen allow="vr" scrolling="no"

Just change src="" to hold the address of the scene that you would like to open in a window. Keep the #autoplay hash in the address if you would like the scene to load automatically, without the play button.

Please post the final result to the forum if you can share it publicly.


@Antonio_Perez that is a cool idea that I was also thinking about. @jan, is there a way to load the next presentation in a way that it replaces the old one and not as a window inside the presentation? Like you would do with levels in a game.

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@kuba you can have an HTML label that contains a link that opens a new presentation in the same window. Like here:

an HTML code of the label is:

<a href="https://demo.shapespark.com/flat-for-a-couple/#autoplay">
  Load the next apartment

Or would you prefer if a click in the sphere started the load immediately without opening the window first?


@jan that is very cool that you can load it like this but yes I would prefer to directly open the next presentation without the additional window.

Btw is it possible to open the html window somewhere else than in the upper left corner? If it would appear on top of the bullet it would be more straight forward


+1 for this suggestion. I also think that this would be more convenient to use. Especially if you have a case as the one @Antonio_Perez describes. I may have this situation in the near future, too.

And it’s also better for the performance to run only 1 scene at a time, I guess.


In the next release we will add a way to open another visualization directly after a click.

@Kuba it is not possible to change the position of the window, it is always in the upper left corner.

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Thank you @jan! That is great news! We are currently working on some huge office projects and this functionality will allow as to split the presentation into smaller parts

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Yeah my man its so nice that the code is so open , we can do pretty usefull and interesting stuff with it,
For example am adding location with google maps, video, images of houses. but yes maybe it would be also interesting that once we have our orbs localated once you click on it it sends you to an other presentation, like as you said a video game

In Shapespark 1.7.2 released yesterday we added an Open website extension that allows to open arbitrary website after clicking an extension sphere. The extension can be used in particular to interlink scenes, that is to allow one to open another scene from the current scene.

Tip: when specyfing a scene URL use #autoplay suffix, eg. 3D scene to automatically run the scene (scene courtesy of Dworak Design).


Great! Good job!

I think it would be better to show up a text when you pass on a sphere (i.e. “go to first floor” or “change material”). I know that we can choose between Icon or Text but the function “Text” is not practicable: if I want to write a short sentence like the ones of the i.e. I must enlarge the sphere too much to be readable.

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I think adding a tooltip is a really good idea! :+1:t2:

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@wojtek, is there a suffix to select a specific camera inside a scene? I have bathroom variations of a house. There are 3 bathrooms and 2 variations. I would like to link the WC with the WC, bathroom 1 with bathroom 1 and so on. I also would like to use 1 scene for all bathrooms of one variation. That’s why it would be perfect if I can select the camera which should be used when the scene opens. If this is not possible I end up with 6 different scenes for the bathrooms.

@tim we are adding support for view=YourViewName hash suffix, for example: 3D scene
The hash can already be used on Shapespark hosting, for self-hosting it will be available in the next release.

When using this feature you may want to replace the auto generated cover image with some more generic image, because the auto generated one always shows the first view.

Hi @jan
Great news! And now the common questions: When can we expect the next release?

@tim Most likely we won’t make a new release this week. We don’t yet have anything finished to be included.

Could you try replacing a following file in the bundle directory: SCENE_NAME/DATE_TIME/webwalk/walk.min.js with this version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fyPZQL0sht9-CXqSXEV6QIbMNrotUKw8/view?usp=sharing ?

Thank you @jan
I will give it a try. How do I add several suffixes in an URL? Do I need to seperate them?

yes, separate them with &

@jan, I tried it but this doesn’t work.

I used the suffix like …index.html#autoview&view=WC

Did you replace the file in the existing scene on the hosting? If so, browser cache could be an issue.

Could you clone the whole scene to another name, replace the walk.min.js file, and only then load the scene (loading it earlier would cause the browser to cache the old walk.min.js file)?