About the isolate light and switch object function

Hello, thank you for the wonderful program!
I’m using it well, but I felt some discomfort while using it
I have a few questions about this.

Can’t we include lighting as a group in the switch object, so that each option works differently? (Whether it’s v-ray lighting or shapespark itself)

Or you can implement that feature, but is it impossible because each render takes too long?

I applied an isolate shadow to each object that applies a switch object, such as the option of changing the wall of the house, or other lights, and I think the more options you apply, the more unnatural it seems. Or is there already another way to solve this problem?

Also, I use switch object the most among interaction elements and I think probably other users do too.
All the objects that apply this feature have to use an isolated shadow, because if you don’t apply it, they leave black shadow marks on them.

Is it possible to apply an isolate shadow to objects applied to a switch object at once? Is it possible? If there are many options in a switch object, it is often difficult to find them one by one and apply an isolate shadow.

Thank you always!