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Accessing the project in VR offline

Hi Everyone, I am working on a VR architectural Walkthrough and wanted to know whether there is a way to access the Shapespark project on VR without uploading it online. Just wanted to know if there is any way to access the project via usb type or etc. I am using Oculus Quest for this project. If anyone knows any workaround to view the project on VR let me know.
Thank you

Hi @Mahesh,

Unfortunately, there is no workaround for Oculus Quest.

If you have a desktop headset (Rift, Vive) then you could open a scene locally by navigating your VR browser to http://localhost:5000

Thanks @wojtek for your response. But since i can play content of oculus Rift using Quest link (artilce reference:
Is it not possible to navigate to scene using Quest link on Oculus Quest?

Hi @Mahesh,

Thanks for the link. We were not aware of the Oculus Link feature.

Have you already make your Oculus Quest work with desktop Oculus experiences? If so, could try opening some WebVR exeperience in Firefox for Windows, following this guide:

If the above works, you can then open http://localhost:5000 in Firefox while Shapespark is running. If Shapespark detects a connected VR device, it will display a VR button which switches to VR mode.

Hi @wojtek
It’s working great in Firefox. Earlier I was trying in chrome and that’s why I couldn’t find any VR button below.
Thank you so much for your quick support, greatly appreciates. Cheers:raised_hands: