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Adaptive size error in chrome browser on iphone

some browser on iphone has adaptive size error,Horizontal screen and Vertical screen sometimes adapte wrong size randomly.
like this

it has same problem in wechat or some other browser.

sometimes like nested page,the content display fit by height but not width.

last,there is a small bug i found.when it can’t fit well,all the blue tip botton is disabled.
how to fix it??

Thank you for very detailed report!

These are two separate issues:

The first one - the WebGL canvas not adapting its size to the screen width seems to be a bug in some iOS & web browser combinations. We cannot reproduce it on our iOS devices, and we have not yet found a workaround for it. Does changing the orientation of the phone from portrait to landscape and back help?

Yhe second one: you are using an iframe inside an HTML label. What width did you set for an iframe? If it’s a constant it prevents the label from adapting to the screen width. To make the iframe width adaptive you could try using CSS width rules using the visual width units, eg: width: 80vw or width: calc(100vw - 80px) (these are just examples, you would have to experiment a bit to find values for your use case).

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thank you for replaying detailedly,i’ll keep trying testing this software.