Add a green screen video

Im new using Shapespark, I wanted to know 2 things, how can I add a video of a presenter like this to the scene and how to remove the green screen to get a result like this?

See this post for the explanation how to use green screen videos.

Thanks Jan,
Im a beginner, can you tell me how to add the video of the person to the scene? (I want the person to be standing and talking in the room) I dont have an object of the person to change its texture. Im a bit confused.

You need to add a flat rectangle object with any texture in your 3D modeling program. If you want the video to always face the camera, orient this rectangle object to be oriented towards the positive values of the Y axis.

Then, in the Shapespark editor replace the texture on the rectangle with a video. You can do it in the Materials tab, by selecting the video file as the Base color setting.

To configure the rectangle object to always face the camera. use Y to camera option in the Objects tab.

Thanks Jan,
I managed to do that but there is no audio of the green screen footage after rendering.

Videos are muted by default, you can change this using the Video texture control extension that can be added in the Viewer tab: (see the ‘Video texture control’ section).