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Add Floorplan in model

when i complete baking lighting, can I add floorplan anh mark position ?

Yes, you can add a Top view in the Viewer tab after the baking. Use PgUp, PgDown to position the camera above the rooms.

If your ceiling is two-sided, you will need to hide it in the Objects tab, using Custom hide in views.

when i go in model, i also wanna see a floorplan image at a corner of the scence. and on floorplan image , there is a mark position help me know where i am in my model. that’s my mean. Can you help me upload a floorplan image into Shapespark? Thank you!

There is no such function. You could modify a scene index.html file to show any image created by you in a corner of the viewer, but the current position won’t be marked.

thank you. i got it!