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Add View button and Material piker in Vr

Hi everyone .

How to add a View button and a Material piker in Vr mode.

Thank .

Hi @dan.studio55-jp,

The material picker does not yet have VR mode implementation.

The view list is HTML-based, so it cannot be rendered in VR, but if you are using desktop VR device, you can still use 1-9 keys to switch between the views.

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Thank @wojtek
Because We would to offer this to our customers.
Do you intend to add or fix it in the near future?

We will be working on adding VR-mode implementation of some of the extensions.

First, we will add VR support for the “Open URL” extension (formerly named “Open website”), so it will allow to switch between scenes or views by triggering the extension clickable sphere. We hope to have it rather soon.

As for the VR material picker, it’s a larger undertaking, and we do not yet have ETA for it. Currently the spheres with material alternatives are attached to the camera, so in the VR mode they would move together with the head making it impossible to select one of them by looking at is (as currently choosing teleport destination works). We will probably have to change the material picker to lay out the material alternative spheres somewhere in the scene instead of attaching it to the camera, and we will have to experiment with different layouts to minimize occlusion between the spheres and regular scene objects.

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