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Adding a 'trigger or icon' which opens an information box


I’m wondering if it is possible to add objects or triggers within the 3d environment which when clicked on open a text document providing information. My client is wanting a walkthrough environment which allows users to click on various pieces of furniture, and then have information in text form provided on the standardisation of the furniture. Is this possible?



Yes, this is absolutely possible, you can use the Extension ‘HTML Label’ where you can add the text required.


Fantastic!!! That’s amazing. Thanks for the quick reply.

Sorry to ask, how do you link in a url link to the text box?

Thanks again


You will need to add the following HTML, replacing the title and web address to what you would like to show/link to.

<p>To find out more information please visit <a title="Honeycomb Lights" href=";currency=GBP&amp;gclid=Cj0KCQjwytOEBhD5ARIsANnRjVgl3XxtSyv2WUDQeS9t5Cvijcgmv2of3Kn95ztDclO6TSqKHzCsbfQaAjkhEALw_wcB" target="_blank">HERE</a>.</p>

This will show up like this:

Hope this helps!

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Great thank you Ill give that a go.

Is it possible to add an image into the text box? I am right to think the images would need to be hosted somewhere?

Yes, this is also possible - as you can see in the example in my previous post.

You will need to drop the image into your projects extra-assets folder


Then you will need to make reference to the image in your HTML code like this:

<div><img width=300px src="$EXTRA_ASSETS/Honeycomb.jpg"></div>

Excellent thank you !