Adding button for optional meeting

In researching how to create an optimal experience, is it possible for a scene to be created that the user enters without needing to join a meeting…however there is a menu button that allows a meeting to be created with a notified help representative?
One of the showrooms on the main shapespark industries page seems to have this feature and it would be HUGE feature for the project we are working on. THANKS

For now it is only possible for a scene to have an action that would open a meeting in a new or the current browser tab, but clicking such an action needs to reload the scene, the meeting will not start in the already loaded scene.

Do you remember which showroom has a feature like this? There was a couple of scenes where an action showed a virtual assistant - a pre-recorded video of a person with transparent background, but it wasn’t a live interaction.

Hi Jan,

Yes it’s the Gastroback showroom in the Virtual Showroom examples. The middle button activates a window that says “Searching for available customer advisors”. Now I have hit this button a few times, and waited and nothing happens, so I’m not sure it actually does anything…it just seemed like the feature we wanted.
Allow people to use a scene, unguided, until they want to speak with a sales person or need help.

Looks like this could be done with some third party customer support solution, not Shapespark 3D meetings. It could be done similarly to how you integrate a customer support/chat button on a normal website.

Hmm ok. We will definitely have to investigate this.