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Adding interactive avatars to 3D tours

Hi everyone, we’re scoping out a project for a large realty company to create digital twins of buildings they have in development (using their CADs) with the plan that not only can potential clients and investors take a photo-real 3D tour of the building using shapespark, the tour can incorporate avatars with levels of interactivity into the experience. I’d love to hear from anyone with thoughts on this and will also post this same message under jobs as ideally, there will be a big one at coming if this is possible!

Same thing we also want. please suggest.

Waiting for reply

Do you aim to use avatars for real-time in-person interaction? In such case you can use a 3D meeting: Video meetings in 3D | Shapespark where each participant has an avatar in the 3D space with a video stream attached.

If instead you would like to prepare some fixed set of available interactions with avatars, you could place video texture with recording of a person with background removed in a scene.

Thanks Jan - with the 3d video meetings can the participants move between different rooms within the tour are you just limited to having you meeting in the once spot/scene?

You can move between different rooms.