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Advice on 3ds Max


I model my projects in sketchup and then transfer to shapespark.

The problem I have is that the quality of furniture models in sketchup is terrible compared to 3ds max. My beds and sofas look so fake compared to other peoples work.

I have no experience in 3ds max, although i am very proficient in Sketchup and Lumion.

If I modeled the shell of my house in sketchup, walls, roof, doors, windows etc and imported it into 3ds max, would it be difficult to learn how to add furniture in 3ds max then export to shapespark?

Is this even possible? If it is what problems would I have to overcome? I have no problem learning, I just want to know the time it may take to do this. I know this depends on many factors, especially my intelligence level and work rate :wink:

Thanks in advance


Did you consider using furniture in SketchUp from other sources than 3D warehouse? For example:

You may need plugins to import such models correctly (you can try one of: ). Also pay attention to the number of triangles to keep the scene size reasonable.

Thanks for the info Jan.

I tried skimp, it’s just what I need . Brilliant piece of software.

Thanks again:+1: