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Allow to download a scene from the Shapespark hosting to the desktop application

  • Allow to download a scene from the Shapespark hosting to the desktop application.
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To download a scene open and use the โ‹ฏ > Download action for the scene youโ€™d like to download.

  1. Is it possible to further proscess the scene? What type of files are downloaded, the one for hosting on own server?

  2. The following case: 2 different 3D artists work on a project. The first designer creates the 3D model e.g. with 3ds max and edits it in shapespark but not completely.
    The second 3D artist is supposed to change the design using CSS and finalises the project. Can they both work on the 3D model without having a shared cloud account?
    I hope I have described the problem in an understandable way.
    Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your help

Yes, the scene can be further edited in Shapespark. You can look at the upload function as sending the scene folder (Documents\Shapespark\<SCENE-NAME>) to the Shapespark Cloud, and at the download as downloading this folder from the Cloud to your computer.

The download feature will work only within one Shapespark account, so wonโ€™t help with transferring the scene between two Shapespark users. In your case, for one artist to pass the scene to another, let them transfer the scene folder (Documents\Shapespark\<SCENE-NAME>) between their computers.

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Hi there!

I would like to check. After clicking download, i do not see anything happening. Is there a feature that needs to be ticked or?

I have tried clicking download a few times and on different scenes and nothing happened

May i know why nothing is happening after clicking download?

Hi. Do you have the Shapespark application installed? The โ€˜Downloadโ€™ button should open the application to download the scene. Maybe your browser blocks it, could you try to use another browser?