Alpha video in tour

Hello Team,
I want to add alpha video texture .


  1. how to add complete process?

  2. Initial play pause , play when click material?

  3. Rotate when we move?

Please help


  1. This post describes how to configure transparency in video textures (video file formats supported by browser do not have alpha channel): Video textures with alpha - #6 by jan

  2. To play and pause video use the Video texture control extension that can be added in the Viewer tab.

  3. To configure object rotation to always face the camera use Y to camera option in the Objects tab.

Thanks for reply.

i want nothing visible initially. Alpha video displayed only when material click.

one thing more video have no video when it played.

please help


You can show the object with video when some other object is clicked using the Switch object extension.

Thank you onec again.

Audio is not coming, any possible reason? only video visible.


waiting for reply. hope you understand

Video’s are muted by default but you can use Video texture control extension to change this setting.